Personal Transition Strategy

What are the issues? 

  • What are the lifestyle implications inherent to the shift from my business is my life to life is my business?
  • What will you do?  How will you spend your time?
  • How will you contribute to society?  How will you benchmark yourself?
  • The private company backstop will be no more.
  • What you see will be what you’ve got.  How much income will you need in retirement?
  • Life’s curve balls can hijack your financial peace of mind.  What’s your plan?

Snapshot of the Present 

  • How much do you spend?  How much represents “needs”?  How much is “wants”?  How much personal spending has historically flowed through the business?
  • Are you prepared to be your own assistant?
  • Is your liquid investment portfolio structured and managed appropriately for your next stage of life?
  • What’s your risk exposure?
  • What’s your return expectation?
  • How much return do you need?
  • What would happen in a 2008 style, systemic break when the market was down 38% and the Dow fell to 6500?
  • How much income will your investment portfolios generate?
  • Will income come from dividends or interest?  Taxable or tax free?
  • How will inflation really affect your retirement?
  • Is your insurance coverage appropriate and adequate for your foreseeable future?
  • Health and life?
  • How will your spouse manage after your death?
  • What is your plan?

Exploring Solutions:  This is it.  There are no do-overs.

  • Develop a comprehensive, personal financial plan to serve as the foundation for all of your financial decision making.
  • Your financial plan will inform the process, from soup to nuts, by capturing the present and forecasting the future.
  • Decisions made in isolation, absent the rigors imposed by a comprehensive plan, are decisions made in a vacuum.
  • Adept utilization of this dynamic document will be critical to executing a successful transition of wealth.

What’s Your Legacy? 

  • Here today.  Gone tomorrow.  All for what? 
  • We all leave a legacy – more or less.  Consequential or insignificant.  Designed or circumstantial.  What is your plan?