StewartJones Wealth Advisory Group
Helping Clients Realize Financial Peace of Mind

StewartJones Wealth Advisory Group is an advice-based practice focused on working with founders and owners of privately held, lower-middle market businesses. Our integrated team of financial specialists and strategic partners develop custom designed solutions for our clients' unique financial challenges and concerns.

Purpose Driven

Everything we do, we believe, helps our clients to successfully transition to the next season of their lives. That's our purpose. It's our "why".

Process Oriented

The way we help our clients successfully transition to the next chapter of their lives involves a dynamic, five-step process. The Arc of Wealth Transition is built on these steps...

           Step 1.) Assessment: Where are you now and where do you envision going?

           Step 2.) Evaluation: What are your biggest challenges and what are the optimal solutions?

           Step 3.) Implementation: Just do it. Failure to execute is a decision, and it bears its own inherent risks. 

           Step 4.) Optimization: Identify, explore and plan for future life adventures. 

           Step 5.) Utilization: Use the discoveries, decisions and solutions from steps 1-4 to develop your personal & family legacy.